Alexandra Daddario Naked Outtake Photo

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Alexandra Daddario shows off her sinfully feminine naked body and bewitching blue eyes in the nude outtake photo above.

This nude outtake photo is further proof that Alexandra Daddario is a dangerous she-demon sent from the bowels of Jahannam to steal the souls of us pious Muslims with her ample supple bosom and hypnotizing stare.

nude-celebs, celeb-jihad, alexandra-daddario

Unfortunately for Alexandra and her lord and master Satan, us Muslims have the moral fortitude to resist her sinful feminine wiles. For if she were to pull up beside us in this car and offer us a ride, we’d heroically denounce her by shouting verses of the holy Qur’an while throwing a cup of acid in her face.

Yes once this Satanic enchantress has had a taste of Sharia justice she will no longer be able to spread her lecherous demons to our righteous loins. For not even Alexandra Daddario’s perfectly formed tit sacks can make up for a horrifically scarred up chemical burned face.