Beyonce Named Most Beautiful Woman In The World

celeb-jihad, beyonce

Beyonce was named the most beautiful woman in the world by People magazine, barely edging out runners-up Queen Latifah, Michelle Obama, and Whitney Houston’s corpse.

With this latest ranking one thing is clear, the guys at People magazine are excellent judges of female attractiveness, and definitely not just politically correct homosexuals.

Thankfully People magazine’s rankings hold no sway in the civilized Muslim world, so Beyonce’s title should more accurately be stated as “most beautiful woman in the heathen Western world”.

Since Celeb Jihad is the leading Islamic extremist celebrity website it is our duty to name the “most beautiful woman in the Muslim world” also known as “the true most beautiful woman in the world”.

This year we select Mahibah Muhammed from the town of Parachinar on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

celeb-jihad, beyonce

This desert rose is MUCH more attractive than Beyonce (with nearly twice the sexy facial hair), and the true “most beautiful woman in the world”. All those who disagree are blasphemers and will burn in the eternal hellfire. Allahu Akbar!