Charlotte McKinney New Naked Selfie

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A new naked selfie along with two “artsy” black and white nude photos of busty model Charlotte McKinney have just been released online and can be seen below.

Us Muslims can take hint, clearly by continuing to show off her righteous boobies like this Charlotte is trying to say that she wishes a Syrian slave merchant would liberate her from the hellish world of the entertainment industry with a chloroform soaked rag and a shipping crate destined for Dubai.

There Charlotte’s majestic mammaries would bounce gloriously up and down as she is hog tied, thrown on the back of a camel, and taken out into the desert to serve in a caravan of traveling concubines. No doubt after a few years of living this dream existence, one night Charlotte will look up at the beautiful desert moon (as her bulbous breasts smack against her face while a Muslim thrusts his meat scimitar deep inside of her) and she will thank Allah that she took this nude selfie and set her fate down this blessed path.


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