CNN Attacks CelebJihad Over Justin Bieber Story

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My fellow Jihadists we here at CelebJihad are fuming mad right now! CNN and the rest of the Zionist controlled mainstream media have just unleashed an attack against our holy site.

Watch the video below of the woman (ugh) CNN reporter slandering our good name, and referring to our site as a “joke”. At the 1:47 mark is when her heathen tongue begins to defile our noble cause.

We always knew it was just a matter of time before the Zionists unleashed their dogs (the mainstream media) against us. What they are attacking us over is this Justin Bieber ground zero mosque story we ran a few months ago.

Now we here at CelebJihad just report the facts as we see them. We don’t make any claims to being “literate” or being able to speak a word of english. In fact all my posts are dictated using crude sketches on scraps of paper to a Mexican day laborer named Manuel.

Anyway the onslaught against CelebJihad continues with the likes of Salon, Rolling Stone, Washington Post, and New York Magazine all running smear pieces against us. Some even going so far as to refer to us as a “softcore celebrity porn” site.

What these Zionists shills fail to realize is that this site has been blessed by Allah as the leading Islamic extremist celebrity gossip site. All their attacks on us are futile and we will continue to disparage their precious celebrities idols. Allahu Akbar!