Demi Lovato Sends Joe Jonas Into Dangerous Erotic Frenzy

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Demi Lovato is a filthy street walker temptress! In the video below Demi was caught trying to steal Joe Jonas’ man juice for her own sick kicks.

As you can clearly see in the video, Demi Lovato grazes Joe Jonas’ crotch which causes him to erupt into a dangerous erotic frenzy. Joe proceeds to hump the air furiously, until we can only assume he finishes in his pants. This was an extremely dangerous event because if a more attractive girl then Demi Lovato was in the area she may have been raped on the spot!

Demi should be ashamed and severely punished for erotically stimulating Joe Jonas like this. Joe Jonas has made a pledge to not share his manly essence with anyone but Allah. However a dirty little harlot like Demi can not help but try and steal it for her cavernous womb.