Emma Stone Gets Naked For Playboy

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Emma Stone gets completely naked in the photo above from the upcoming issue of the Saudi Arabian version of Playboy magazine.

Playboy in the US stopped featuring nudity last year, since it was completely pointless as 99% of American men are flaming homoqueers. However, the international versions of Playboy have continued to feature naked women, especially those destined for us virile Muslims in the Middle East. Of course we don’t use Playboy as some jerk off mag, but rather has a shopping catalog for potential concubines to stock our vast harems.

With this in mind it is easy to see why famous models and actresses like Emma Stone eagerly pose nude in our version of Playboy, for they desperately hope to be chosen to come serve at the heel of us powerful Muslim men. However, in Emma’s case she would be serving at the taint of a Muslim man, for based on this nude photo she has annigulus only whore written all over her.