Emma Stone Naked With Her Legs Spread

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Emma Stone gets completely naked and spreads her legs in the shameful photo above.

Fresh off her defeat at the Academy Awards, Emma Stone has clearly given up on trying to be a respectable serious actress, and is now embracing being the saucy ginger minx that we always knew that she was.

With her immodest red hair it was always clear that Emma Stone was ripe with lustful djinns. Thankfully in the civilized Islamic world we eradicate redheaded babies on sight, as we know that nothing good could ever come of them. Of course in the West gingers like Emma Stone are allowed to prosper with impunity, so it is no surprise that their lands are overrun with brazen immorality.

Yes Emma Stone posing naked like this is almost certainly just the beginning, as her fiery red crotch can never be satisfied, and it will continue to lead her to ungodly amounts of sinful behavior.