Hayden Panettiere Shows Off Her Post BJ Mustache

hayden-panettiere, celeb-jihad

Actress and converted Muslimina Hayden Panettiere proudly tweeted the above photo of her post blowjob cum mustache.

The serenity on Hayden Panettiere’s face could only come from orally servicing a virile Muslim man. The feeling of sublime contentment felt with a belly full of delicious Muslim man juice is one of the greatest pleasures a woman can receive.

Clearly Hayden Panettiere is extremely satisfied with her decision to convert to Islam, so that she may suck off us Muslim men. Other infidel women would be wise to follow Hayden’s example, and experience the joy of a Muslim man exploding a river of seed as deep and wide as Nile from his enormous tunic snake into their dirty whore mouths.