Is Miley Cyrus Whoring Her Way To The Top?

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Nearly a month ago we here at Celeb Jihad broke the story that Miley Cyrus was playing Twister in her bikini with a group of dirty old sex perverts otherwise known as Hollywood producers.

Now a video has been released of 17 year old Miley Cyrus grinding and giving a lap dance to 45 year old producer Adam Shankman. Adam Shankman also just happens to be the producer of Miley Cyrus’ latest movie “The Last Song”.

Here is the video of Miley Cyrus grinding on Shankman so you can see the sickening display for yourself, but be warned this video is very sexual and disturbing.

I think it is pretty obvious that Miley Cyrus is whoring herself to anyone that may keep her relevant because she has become hopelessly addicted to fame. She is told to claim to have Christian values to disarm moronic parents into letting her sell sex to their kids.

When will the masses wake up and see Hollywood for what it really is, a cesspool of perverts, pedophiles, and sodomites hell bent on corrupting humanity?

Join the Jihad! We are the only ones with the guts to expose this evil for what it is.