Jennifer Aniston Nude While Drawing A Bath

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Jennifer Aniston kneels in the nude (a woman’s most natural position) while drawing herself a bath in the photo above.

Of course any bath with Jennifer Aniston in it is quite literally a “whore’s bath”. Jennifer better get that bath water scolding hot to properly delouse her cum encrusted lady bits, as she has been a single slut in heathen Hollywood for so many years now that her barren baby cave must be festering with all sorts of exotic venereal diseases.

While it is good to see in this nude photo that Jennifer Aniston is finally taking her hygiene seriously, one can not help but feel that a simple bath is inadequate to thoroughly clean her. Yes, at this point in Jennifer’s degenerate life only being doused in battery acid will fully cleanse her body. Besides, an acid bath would have the added benefit of allowing Jennifer a jump start on her eternity of burning in the hellfire to purify her soul.