Jennifer Lawrence Naked Snake Sex

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Jennifer Lawrence poses naked while having sex with a snake in this photo from the new issue of Vanity Fair.

Jennifer is clearly one kinky and depraved slut for allowing this reptile to slither up into her dark moist lady cave. Of course man’s original sin was Eve taking an apple from the Devil serpent, which resulted in our fall from the Garden of Eden. I guess we should be thankful that Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t there, for she not only would have taken the apple, but she probably would have sucked the snake’s dick as well, then Allah only knows how far humanity would have fallen.

Yes Jennifer Lawrence has once again shown the depths of her degeneracy with this naked snake sex photo. Unfortunately for Jennifer our Muslim tunic snakes are much longer and thicker than the python in this photo, but she will never know the unimaginable pleasure of having one coil up deep inside of her and deposit its man venom.