Justin Bieber’s Disgusting Aquatic Mammal Fetish Exposed

justin-bieber, celeb-jihad

Justin Bieber makes me sick. And after viewing these pictures, I hope you’ll be as disgusted as I am.

A six-month undercover investigation by CelebJihad.com has blown the lid off of Justin’s disturbing aquatic mammal fetish.

These photos were taken at a private island off the coast of Costa Rica. The island is owned by a mysterious exotic animal trader known only as “Doctor Doolittle” to his perverted celebrity clients. It is here that Doolittle caters to the disgusting fantasies of the rich and famous. It is here that Justin Bieber, now awash in money from record sales, did the unthinkable with helpless dolphins and seals.

What drove Justin to such perversions? Clearly the fame and celerity worship of the West are to blame. Just a year-and-a-half ago Justin was your average Canadian kid, but now he needs a seal in order to satisfy his dark urges.

Truly, America is a sick society.