Kate Mara Finally Poses Completely Nude

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“House of Cards” star Kate Mara poses completely nude while spreading her legs in the scandalous photo above.

This Kate Mara nude photo has been a long time coming as Kate is not a good enough actress to get by not showing her sinful sex organs. Thankfully Kate Mara has finally come to this realization, and is now embracing the fact that her acting career is limited to being masturbation fodder for the degenerate infidel masses with the nude photo above.

Kate Mara’s career should now sour as she fulfills her destiny by playing roles like “girl coming out of shower” and “jiggling titties getting banged” in various films and TV shows, and she stops trying to play roles that require her to convey drama or a depth of emotion that she clearly has no ability to grasp let alone put into her work.