Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Pierced Nips In A See Thru Top

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18-year-old Armenian gypsy mudshark Kylie Jenner shows off her pierced nipples in a completely see through tank top in the photo above.

Of course it is not at all surprising to see Kylie prostituting her titties like this, for not only is she a member of the most brazen clan of attention whores in all of human history, but she was also recently dumped by her longtime rapper boyfriend “Tyga” when he noticed that (like all Armenian women) Kylie’s bellybutton is starting to look like a hairy asshole.

Yes now Kylie is back on the prowl for another nig nog dirt skin to pillage her gaping disease infected stink holes. While showing her trashy boobies like this will certainly help generate some interest from the “urban youth” demographic, Kylie should know by now that the most effective strategy for seducing jiggaboos is by showing off her sloppy fat ass. Perhaps her big sisters Kim and Khloe should have a talk with her.