Lady Gaga Releases Her New Stupid Love Music Video (56 Pics + Video)

Lady Gaga releases new Stupid Love music video – shot entirely on an iPhone 11. The singer is back in all her outrageous glory with her first solo single and video in nearly three years. And Gaga has left fans thrilled with her latest intergalactic space age tribal video for her new single.

The video follows Gaga dancing around a desert in an otherworldly theme of wild costumes and a bevy of backup dancers as she tries to unite two warring tribes. For her first look, Gaga showcases her incredible figure in a latex hot pink bra and high waisted pants, with a spike waist belt. The Star Is Born actress tied the eye-catching costume together with a long Ariana Grande style pink wig, a silver choker and metallic tribal tattoos. As the beat kicked-in, pink-haired Gaga led the way in front of her dancers, who were also all decked out in hot pink as they busted out choreographed moves. As the song progresses towards the chorus, Gaga and company swap outfits, with the star in another shade of pink and an full eye-visor while her sidekicks are dressed in all black. For her third outfit, Gaga slips into a metallic purple bikini and platform shoes, which showcases her slender physique.

The video is set up by a brief description of Gaga’s world that was shot exclusively with an iPhone. It starts with the message: “The world rots in conflict. Many tribes battle for dominance. While the Spiritual ones pray and sleep for peace, the Kindness Punks fight for Chromatica.” – which is the rumored title of her forthcoming new studio album. In what appears to be a not-so-subtle message, the tribes eventually come together in many different colors.




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