Margot Robbie Audition Sex Tape Video

Margot Robbie appears to “audition” for two producers at once in the recently released sex tape video above.

Seeing the way that Margot Robbie expertly multitasks in this audition certainly helps explain why she is cast to star in so many movies despite her complete lack of acting talent. Of course the fact that she has a slutty face perfect for taking loads does not hurt as well.

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Yes, let this Margot Robbie audition sex tape serve as a lesson for other actresses trying to “make it” in heathen Hollywood. If they want to get ahead in this business they can not just give head. For Allah gave a woman three orifices for a reason, and so when she isn’t bleeding and shitting things out of two of them they should be hard at work fulfilling their purpose as pleasure centers for dicks.