Miley Cyrus Gets Her Face And Crotch Creamed

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Miley Cyrus got her face and crotch creamed while onstage in the UK the other day. It is probably not the first time and definitely not the last Miley takes a load of cream.

In an apparent “prank” Miley’s backup dancer (who looks like he is no stranger to taking cream himself) gets covered in cream. He then proceeds to shoot it on Miley hitting her crotch and face. Of course Miley being the pious Christian that she is starts grinding her crotch into the dancer covering it with even more cream.

Here is the video of the incident. Miley’s voice is so horrendous that, unless you are deaf, you will probably want to fast forward to the 1:45 mark.

One can not help but wonder if this is life imitating art. In a recent South Park episode titled “The Ring” the Jonas Brothers are depicted shooting their female fans in the face with hot white foam from long hoses. Here is the clip.

You be the judge. Is Disney really hell bent on selling sex to minors?