Miley Cyrus New Boyfriend Is A Black

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Meet Miley Cyrus’ new boyfriend Malcolm Jamal Tyrese, and no you do not have to adjust the contrast on your monitor he is a black guy.

Miley Cyrus met Malcolm while cruising down Crenshaw Blvd. According to a source close to the couple, “Miley noticed Malcolm was having trouble with the lock on his bike as he was fumbling with bolt cutters trying to get it off. Miley pulled over and offered to gnaw through the lock with her busted white trash teeth, to which Malcolm replied ‘aight’. The rest as they say is history.”

Surprisingly not everyone in the Cyrus clan is thrilled about Miley’s new Nubian man. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus is reportedly particularly upset telling a friend, “Dadgummit I just don’t know where I went wrong with dat girl. I mean you force your daughter into the limelight at an early age so you can regain your lost fame and this is how she repays you?”

Regardless of what the “haters” may say our source assures us that Miley Cyrus and her black beau Malcolm are for real, “Malcolm and Miley have so much in common. For instance they both enjoy putting on lotion to keep their skin from getting ashy, the famous Bojangles chicken n’ biscuits dinner, and f*cking bareback doggystyle. I think they make a great couple.”