Miley Cyrus Tells Oprah To Stick It Up Her…

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Dedicated Muslim Miley Cyrus twittered the following picture of herself telling Oprah to stick up her bloated ass. As you can see in the photo above Miley Cyrus is smiling while flashing the universal sign for “thumb up the ass” to an Oprah picture.

Miley Cyrus’ hatred for Oprah is understandable because Oprah is a tool of the Zionists used to pacify the sexual urges of the soccer mom infidel masses. Without housewives being able to watch Oprah handing out cars and babbling incoherently every afternoon they’d surely rise up, overthrow the government, and demand that they be taken as a virile Muslim’s man play thing.

Miley Cyrus said it best in this picture, up yours Oprah! Stop repressing the raw animal urges of American housewives for Arab man meat with your moronic show!