Miranda Kerr And Friends Topless Harem Pic

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Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have joined their super model friends in the harem of a powerful Muslim man. To commemorate the event the girls posed topless for the harem class of 2012 photo above.

These proud concubines were given the honor of serving the sexual needs of a Sheik in the coming year. Besides the standard duties of a whore, Miranda Kerr and friends will be required to entertain their master’s guests, clean his toilets, hand feed him figs, and when necessary tickle his balls with ostrich feathers.

Yes the life of a Muslim’s concubine is quite glamorous, and filled with many earthly pleasures. Infidel women can not help but be envious of the sexual journey these taut bare-chested beauties are about to embark upon.