Natalie Portman Sex With Ashton Kutcher Video

natalie-portman, celeb-jihad

Actress and Jew Natalie Portman was caught on tape having passionate sex with Ashton Kutcher, and I can not help but feel they did this just to offend us Muslims.

natalie-portman, celeb-jihad

Were do I even begin to tell you what is offensive with this sex scene. For one Natalie Portman just got engaged. Although her fiance is a French ballerina who probably joins getting cuckold, women having sex outside of marriage is still a violation of Sharia Law. Unless of course the husband sells the rights to his wife in which case sex is permitted provided the wife is stoned to death after for committing adultery.

Another offensive aspect to this Portman Kutcher sex scene is that she climbs on top of him and vigorously rides him like a camel. The Qur’an is very clear that the only sexual position that is permitted is doggystyle, because it is the most moral and quite frankly feels the best. Missionary position is only permitted if the woman has injured her back plowing the fields, and even then she must swear not to make eye contact with the man during the act.

Yes this Natalie Portman Ashton Kutcher sex tape is extremely offensive to Muslims. I can not help but feel that this was done intentionally to antagonize us. Well it has worked, expect a fatwa to be issued shortly. Allahu Akbar!