Rosamund Pike Nude Scene From “Private War”

The video above features Rosamund Pike’s disgusting nude scene from the film “Private War”.

It is certainly hard to say what is more disturbing, Rosamund’s droopy eyelid or titties. But at the end of the day I’d have to go with her sad sagging milk sacks for there are two of them. Of course this nude scene isn’t all bad, as Rosamund does show off her dank hairy butthole while climbing into this bathtub.

Unfortunately for Rosamund no matter how halal and musty her pubic hair covered poop chute is, us Muslims will never forgive her for accosting our pious eyes with her dangly deflated and dilapidated chesticles. In fact, they will almost certainly haunt our dreams for many weeks to come, filling us with a righteous rage that can only be quenched with the throwing of stones at her degenerate head.