Salma Hayek Caught On Video In Her Bra And Panties Through Her Bedroom Window

An enterprising paparazzi scaled a security fence and climbed a tree to record Salma Hayek in her bra and thong panties through her bedroom window in the video above.

Unfortunately instead of simply accepting responsibility for this shameful behavior, Salma Hayek is blaming the innocent paparazzi for “violating her privacy” and is threatening to sue the poor guy. This is an outrageous charge and it would get laughed right out of any Sharia court… But not before a counter claim against Salma would be issued for her defiling our eyes with the sight of her shameful bulbous Mexican ass.

How is it so hard for these Western women to understand? Either wear the burka at all times or suffer the consequences! Salma was just lucky that the sight of her in her underwear didn’t infect this guy with lecherous djinns causing him to break into her house and have forceful sex with her, or under Sharia law she would be hit with an adultery charge on top of her numerous other crimes against morality captured in this video.