Selena Gomez Posts Lace Bra Selfie

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After a long day at work Selena Gomez stripped off her maid’s uniform and took a selfie in her black lace bra.

Clearly Selena Gomez has inhaled too many cleaning products while scrubbing the toilets in the homes of rich gringos if she thinks she looks good with these collagen injected lips and this tranny makeup. The only thing Selena needs to do is to shave off her eyebrows and sharpie in some new ones to look just like every other Mexican skank in Los Angeles.

Yes Selena Gomez is looking particularly trashy in this lace bra selfie, as she appears to be embracing her whorish Mexican roots. Of course this not surprising, for as the old saying goes, “You can take the girl out of Tijuana, but you can’t take the donkey semen out of the girl”.