Selena Gomez Tries Anal For The First Time

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Selena Gomez tries anal sex for the first time, and commemorates the occasion in the hilarious photo above.

Of course it is hard to believe that a tremendous slut like Selena Gomez would go this long without getting her butthole stretched. However, in all her years of dating Justin Bieber the copious amounts of butt sex they had exclusively involved Selena pegging Justin in the ass with her 9 inch black strap-on.

Thankfully Selena’s first anal experience was worth the wait, as the stupid expression on her face as she gets her anus plowed in this photo is certainly priceless. It is just unfortunate that it wasn’t a Muslim man’s enormous manhood busting through Selena’s butt cheeks, as the look of excruciating pain and sheer terror from just the tip penetrating her sphincter would have been down right hysterical.