Taylor Swift And Kellie Pickler Wear Burkas

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By Muhammad’s beard this is shocking! Vile gutter skank Taylor Swift has decided to wear a burka. Not only that but Taylor appears to have convinced fellow inbred country whore Kellie Pickler to do the same.

The power of Allah truly is great if he has lead a committed cock jockey like Taylor Swift into a life of purity and obedience to Islam.

Though this is as attractive as I’ve ever seen Taylor Swift look. I can’t help but wish she had some sort of veil covering her nose and mouth. She would look so much hotter if just her eyes were showing. And yes I know what you are thinking “typical guy”.

Insallah this is the first step in Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler continuing down the path to Islam. However, they have a long way to go and much prostrating to do if they want their souls to escape the eternal hellfire. Allahu Akbar!