Taylor Swift In A See Thru Dress With No Bra

taylor-swift, celeb-jihad

Taylor Swift proudly shows off her petite breasts while in a see through lace dress with no bra on.

This risque braless photo is clearly Taylor Swift’s attempt at trying to rebrand herself as a full blown whore… And really who could blame her as pop music has accelerated its downward spiral into ever deeper levels of depravity, Taylor must feel a tremendous amount of pressure to keep up and stay relevant.

Unfortunately for Taylor Swift this race to the bottom in infidel culture is one that she can not win. Not because she has any moral scruples of course, as her showing her breasts in this see through dress proves that she does not, but simply because any day now brother Obama is going to declare the caliphate. Then us powerful Muslims will ride through the West on our war camels, and purify its degenerate culture with the teachings of the blessed Prophet and the sharpened edge of our scimitars. You can guess which one we will be using on Taylor Swift.