Taylor Swift Sex Dance Compilation Video

One of the most offensive and degenerate forms of sexual expression in the infidel world is when women dance… And as you can see in the compilation video above, Taylor Swift just can not seem to stop gyrating her gangling giraffe like figures even when she is engaged in hardcore sex with men.

Any true Muslim will tell you that there a few things more unpleasing on the eyes then seeing a woman seductively swaying her sinful hips, and that we are thankful that the holy Qur’an is very clear that all forms of dance are considered haram… Unless of course it is performed by a bacha bazi (dancing boy) or is done in spontaneous celebration around a pile of heathen corpses.

Yes Taylor Swift better get all her spastic dancing and rhythmic sex in now, for when Islam finishes conquering the West both acts will be banned on punishment of lapidation under Sharia law… Though ironically Taylor collapsing into a heap while being pelted with stones would probably be a more graceful maneuver than any of her so-called dance moves featured in this video.