Taylor Swift Showing Off Her Flexibility In New Nude Photo

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Taylor Swift shows off her impressive flexibility in the new nude photo above.

No doubt Taylor Swift’s slutty suppleness comes from all the time she spends wrapping her legs around the heads of the lanky lesboqueer super models she loves so much.

Yes looking at this nude Taylor Swift photo one can easily imagine a tall taut blonde-haired blue-eyed Nordic beauty kissing down Taylor’s inner thighs before slowly running her warm wet tongue up her slit and massaging her quivering clit while she teasingly fingers Taylor’s rapidly moistening lady hole in and out.

Sorry for all the nauseating detail but if “50 Shades of Grey” can bring in 100’s of millions, just imagine how many Toyota trucks and AK-47s I’ll be able to buy for the Jihad when my new story “50 Shades of Taylor Swift Having Lesbian Sex” gets released.