Victoria Justice Naked In The Shower?

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Is this a photo of teen Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice naked in the shower? It certainly looks like her, but this warrants a closer look. Clearly the face is nearly identical to Victoria Justice’s and there appears to be a sign in the shower that says “Victoria’s Shower”, which is damning evidence to be sure.

However, I am not totally convinced that this is Victoria. For one thing there is another sign that says “admit one”. Clearly a wanton Jezebel like Victoria Justice would have no problem servicing multiple men in the shower, so that is suspicious. Also the pubic bush in the pic is quite puny, Victoria Justice is part Cuban, I imagine her bush would be much fuller, mustier, and possibly covered in genital warts.

Yes, it is certainly open to debate on whether the picture above is in fact Victoria Justice naked in the shower. The only way to settle this will be for someone to go view Victoria in the shower and report back their findings. Until then this photo will remain one of Hollywood’s great unsolved mysteries.